Announcing the Club Spinistry Challenge Series!

Guidelines for Spinistry Challenge events:

You must be a full Club Spinistry member (currently $75 per year) to register for the event and receive gps files/maps/cue sheets.

You are welcome to attempt the route any time up to 12 months after registering. Please inform us at least 48 hours prior to your departure date.

Upon successful and verified completion of the route we will post your official completion time and forward your completion memento.

You are welcome to repeat the attempt for a better time in your 12 month window but you will not receive additional completion mementos.

If desired we will provide online tools for live tracking of your run. These would require either your own satellite tracking device or cell phone using either Ride With GPS enhanced services (provided to Club members) or other apps which work in conjunction with Spotwalla. We highly encourage taking advantage of this feature.

You are welcome to host a group ride which includes non members, however their times will not be recorded/posted. Those times will not be retroactive should they join the club at a later date. They will have to register for and complete the ride AFTER becoming members in order to receive a time/memento.

Current Challenges