The Insurance for Texans Race Series is a points based series designed to crown a Gravel King and Gravel Queen at the end of the 2018 racing series.

Points are earned on a per event basis and are weighted towards mileage, finishing position and depth of field. Generally speaking, points earned will almost always be highest for longer distance events.

The exception would be for a top finishing position in a very large field for a shorter distance. Potential points earned and point caps will be published for each event but there are no guarantees of points awards until the field is final on day of event.


We plan to have at least 10 Series races in 2018 but only the best 4 points finishes are utilized to compute overall points standings so riders are Crown eligible with only four Series events entered. Points contenders will also be allowed bonus points from a fifth Wild Card event.

The Wild Card event will either be repeated use of the best finish in a previous Series event or point generated from an approved event from outside our Series. More details on Wild Card computations will be shared as the season moves along.

Projected Points:

100 Mile Open (based on 100 entries): 210 for 1st, 120 for 10th, points awarded for all finishing positions

100K Open (based on 100 entries): 174 for 1st, 84 for 10th. points awarded for all finishing positions

100K Combined Overall (based on 200 entries): 224 for 1st, 94 for 10th, points awarded for all finishing positions

100K Category Race (based on 25 entries): 99 for 1st, 76 for 10th, points awarded for all finishing positions

Currently Scheduled Series Events (more coming soon)
01/27/18 - Panaracer Texas Chainring Massacre
02/03/18 - Chumba Cycles Hill Country Hundy
03/31/18 - Red River Riot
04/21/18 - Dirty Fury Stage Rush
06/02/18 - Kantdu Kanza
08/2018 - Midnight Massacre
09/2018 - Lockhart Breaker
10/2018 - RAT 1000 Stage Race
11/2018 - Holiday Ramble

Current Wild Card Eligible Events (more coming soon)
4/28/18 - The Epic in Missouri


Does any event qualify to be a Wild Card/Joker contender do you reserve the right to pick and choose which events qualify as 'Wild Card', maybe after the fact?

Eligible wild card events must be approved by us but can be added throughout the year. The idea is to make it easier for folks outside of Texas to be able to qualify for the series.

Right now the rules say there will be some bonus points (don't know how many) for some races (don't know which ones). That can only lead to confusion and dis-satisfied contestants.
It is a new process/concept. We are using what we find in 2018 to better define the structure before hand for 2019. Once we have results/series points for the Chainring Massacre and Hill Country Hundy posted people will better understand how to strategize for the rest of the year.